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Today’s brands must provide their goods the most visibility possible and a competitive advantage in retail aisles to increase sales. You should utilise elegant and non-traditional packaging to house your products in order to glamorise their appearance and draw customers to them. Now available are custom boxes with transparent windows that not only improve the visibility of your bakery goods like macarons, cakes, and muffins but also magnify their grace and charm, setting them apart from the competition. We at printingquotation.com are aware of the significance of these boxes for the awareness of your brand. Because of this, our skilled designers create your custom boxes with an inventive die cut window to maximise their visual appeal using high-tech die cutting machinery and cutting-edge processes. 

These boxes, which can be made with windows in any shape or design to suit your tastes, will instantly appeal to clients’ minds and persuade them to purchase your bakery’s cupcakes, muffins, and pastries. These boxes’ elegantly die-cut windows let clients see your delectable confections without having to remove them from the packaging, which is enough to persuade them to change their opinions of your products while making purchases.







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A unique type of folding carton called a bespoke packing box with window enables customers to gaze directly at the product without actually touching it. When they arrive flat, all you need to do is mould them into the desired shape, place the desired goods inside, and display it for your target market to observe and be entranced by. These custom-made boxes with windows, which combine creativity, technology, and art, are available in a range of configurations and may be used to package a range of products. Such window package boxes are made using straightforward, simple production procedures. First, the custom box’s appropriate style is selected to best suit the packaging of your products. The crucial step that makes things interesting follows. At this point, the window is carved out of the box’s top or side according to your specified proportions. Depending on your needs, you have a variety of window options, including rectangular, round, oval, heart-shaped, and more. After this, a transparent polythene, PET (polyester), or vinyl patch is adhered to the cut-out area to provide a clear view of the insides. When everything is finished, further accessories and embellishments are added to your custom-designed box with window to give it the finishing touch. These include hang tabs, ribbon pulls, and handles. Contact us if you have any questions, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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Packaging for display that is clear, straightforward, and alluring is the best way to draw customers. Custom window boxes that look nice, engage clients, and enable them to connect with your goods will make your packaging important. You need a variety of options to be distinctive and fashionable. Printingquotation.com offers incredible arrangements for a variety of window repair die cut patterns. Browse our portfolio to see amazing designs for windowed mug boxes for retail packing, windowed boxes for ready-to-eat sandwiches, windowed toy boxes for display, and windowed perfume gift boxes; there are a tonne of alternatives available to you. Select an example and alter it as necessary, or design the boxes entirely from scratch using the artwork of your choice. You will be able to successfully compete with your rivals and present yourself from all of these options. Choose cellophane material for food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and retail packaging, or make window patching from PVC that is ideal for corporate gift packaging. These boxes are made with the intention of providing passersby with a sneak preview and adding distinction to your product’s display.


Why Should You Trust Us?

No one will buy boxes from a company that adds high hidden costs, provides limitations in order quantity, delivers unacceptable quality or gets late in shipment. Printingquotation.com is here to facilitate you at all these steps plus many more to make your experience outstanding. After serving 1000+ customers and with packaging experts carrying over 10 years of experience, we understand every problem inside out therefore, our set rules and guidelines are specifically crafted to make your journey for getting custom window packaging easy with tons of benefits for a worry-free experience. Enjoy the following benefits with us:

Utmost Precision: Every window wrapping box is created to order with the utmost precision. Furthermore, regardless of the shape and size of the window you select, our cutting-edge automated plant and die cutting methods guarantee that the finished window packaging boxes will appear exactly as you want them to and that the window will be inserted in the proper place. You can get distinctive styles to give sneak peeks at products inside like cosmetics, bathing requirements, or fashion items because there are no uneven corners or unpleasant shapes formed.

Lowest Rates: Every box you receive is made specifically to your requirements. There is no increase in cost because of these custom window packaging boxes. Because we don’t charge extra for die cutting, plating, or specific equipment setup when creating your window packaging, the cost of the boxes will be much lower. You also pay for the boxes you receive!

Premium boxes: Purchase window boxes of the highest quality that not only look stunning but also give customers a chic glimpse of the product within, which is sure to please them. Our strict quality control policies and procedures are what enable us to produce products of the highest calibre. Every box goes through a two-step quality check to make sure the window’s size, shape, and placement all match the suggested design. Additionally, our professional inspectors carefully evaluate the entire box to make sure there are no structural flaws or printing issues and that you receive premium window boxes.

Short run production: Get these window boxes made to order without any order minimums, whether you need 50,000 boxes or only 50. Our policy of allowing orders of any size, up to your chosen number, makes this possible.

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